Top 5 Qualities Women Want in a Man

While a practical dating experience doesn’t involve a lot of painstaking character analysis, several studies have consistently revealed a set of essential attributes that most women find attractive in males. Although all women aren’t the same, these chief likeable traits have been found to dominate the otherwise large and sometimes controversial personality characteristics females admire in potential lovers. Read on to know some top 5 awesome qualities women look for in male partners.

1. Honesty

Despite the unquestionable fact most men choose to lie to women thinking that this vice makes them look/sound better, many relationship experts concur that ladies love sincere males as partners. Most dating Christian singles place integrity top on the list of the most desirable traits their dream man ought to have. The only real reason for the multiple lies men tell women is that many of them falsely think that telling the absolute truth might not elevate their standing beyond the latter’s presumably high eligibility bar. However, the truth’s that a lady may appear a little disconcerted by a man’s self-immolating sincerity but will gradually develop a great deal of trust and respect for him in the long haul.

2. Trust

If a woman discovers that you don’t trust her, your chances of enjoying her love and confidence become quite dismal. Even when you don’t wholly trust your girlfriend, it’s still wise to avoid displaying your doubts unless you have some merited reasons to do this. In fact, most women are likely to start doing undesirable things against you once they discover that you’re fundamentally unable to trust them, even when they’ve acted in the most faithful and trustworthy manner.

3. Sense of Humor

This is something you may have taken for granted previously. For the geeky fellas who naively assume that it ends with your smart brains or blue-collar jobs, there’s an urgent need to style up before you choke her with endless bored until she finally walks out on you. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that every guy should try to be an award-grabbing street comedian – no, only make sure that you get her ribs cracking as often as you naturally can.

4. Unwavering Commitment

Guys who have dated for some remarkable period of time will admit that women have no time for men who lack long-term relationship goals or commitment. If you’re the type that fears advancing the affair to something closer and more serious, then you should anticipate having your lover leave you for another man. As such, it’s quite prudent to show your girlfriend that you look forward to a common future as an unmistakable sign of your stanch commitment.

5. Respect and Love

While your lady may be submissive most of the time, don’t be tempted by this generally calm disposition to think that she doesn’t want unswerving love and respect in return. Besides the seemingly guileless humility and somewhat unconditional adoration that the average woman portrays, there’s a whole unspoken quest for unquestioning love and respect that you many men mistakenly overlook. Note that well-mannered ladies not only expect you to respect them but would also want to see you act in disciplined ways that prove that you respect yourself as well.

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