Lucy Activewear: Get Great Deals On One Of The Hottest Brands

Lucy Activewear is currently holding a 30-40% off sale on selected items. This includes yoga clothes ranging from sports bras, tanks to pants. Interestingly, most of the clothes are bought for either comfort or fashion. But with yoga clothes, you are also shopping for functionality and performance.

Looks could be deceiving especially if you are looking at the item on the television or computer screen.  Fortunately, there are several tests you can do to check if the yoga outfit suits you.

Testing for Comfort

For sports bras and tanks that have built-in shelf bras, you need to conduct a comfort test. Start by lifting your two arms over your head for several times. Move the elbows by your sides as if you’re running. The purpose of this simple exercise is to feel the chafing points which only come out once you are in mid-workout.

Inhale and exhale deeply. If you feel chafed or uncomfortable with a sports bra, try using a bigger size or another style.  For yoga pants, check if the fabric still feels comfortable or if your inner thigh also does not feel chafed.

Stretching Test

Start the test by reaching overhead in a side to side manner and end it by twisting around at the waist. During the test, you can observe if the tee or vest is giving you enough coverage or exposing too much. You can test the leggings for stretch and comfort by lunging forward, and backward as well as side to side.

The Opaque Test

This test requires you to bend over in front at full length. Take a look through your legs and check if the fabric adequately covers your behind. This means you don’t see traces of your underwear or skin imperfections.

Check the Label

The most comfortable fabric suited for gentle exercises is Lycra (cotton). But for more heavy exercises, you will need fabrics that can breathe even if you are sweating.

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These simple tests can help you determine the most comfortable yoga outfit. To take full advantage of this, you can use the new Lucy Activewear coupon code which is available online.

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